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When word came last week that Zack Snyder had called up a radio show to defend the honor, as it were, of [Aquaman](movie:264237) as a potential member of the Justice League... as a potential member of his currently filming movie... or perhaps even as the star of his own stand-alone film, I wanted to stand and applaud!

For far too long the King of the Seven Seas has been the punch-line to a joke. Back in the days of the "Super Friends", the characters of "Wendy and Marvin" or "The Wonder Twins" were given more respect. It was just plain silly.

There had been a day, back when I was growing up watching my favorite super-heroes on television, that Aquaman got equal billing with Superman! (Anybody remember "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure?") And after those two found their shows divorced from each other, it was Aquaman who got custody of the episodes of all their guest stars! That's right, if you wanted to see the Flash or the Atom or Green Lantern or the Teen Titans... or even the [Justice League](movie:401267) of America... you had to watch them on Aquaman's show!

But somewhere along the way, it was decided that all Aquaman could do was talk to fish. That the things that happen on land poor pitiful Aquaman could never have an impact on. Suddenly we forgot that there is more water on Earth than land, so if we're giving "jurisdiction" to our superheroes based upon who talks to fish and who doesn't, suddenly Aquaman has more of the Earth to be responsible for!

Of course, as Mr. Snyder was so quick to point out, Aquaman is far from a wimp when he's out of the water. Due to his ability to survive the incredible pressures of the oceans' depths; his body density and strength would be... what? Super-human? And that trident he carries could rip the flesh of Superman...

But all of these old irks and arguments are not the real reason DC needs to green-light an Aquaman feature film. Arthur has enjoyed a revival of sorts, headlining two very popular comic books in the DC lineup. His popularity has never been higher. And if there is one weakness in the Marvel Studios (and all of their licensed studios as well) it is that their main sea-based character, the Sub Mariner, is not said to be 100% clearly claimable by any of those studios to make a film. DC can literally get their feet wet before Marvel. And a hero who can walk and/or swim in any environment has even more story possibilities and potential uses to story lines in both his own movies and as a part of a team or guest star in other productions as well.

Aquaman has at times in the past proven he can be one of the most bad-ass characters in the DC stable. The time is right for that attitude to be shown on the big screen! Jason Mamoa looks to be a great vehicle to do so. If the recently commissioned scripts live up to the talent we've seen from the writers, Aquaman could perhaps be the biggest splash DC has made on the big screen!


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