ByLogan Carnivalli, writer at
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Logan Carnivalli

As most of us are aware, the current Marvel Cinematic Universe is leading to the epic battle between Thanos and the Marvel Universe, based off the famous story line, THE INFINITY GAUNTLET!

And for you all who are familiar with this storyline, you can recall the opening of the story beginning with the Silver Surfer crash landing in the home of Marvel Studio's upcoming debut, [Doctor Strange](movie:559685). And the purpose of the Surfer's visit? To warn Strange and the rest of our heroes, that Thanos is coming.

However, due to legal issues, this scene can not happen in our Marvel Cinematic Universe as long as Fox owns the rights to the Silver Surfer. But, we may have a solution. Just because we can't use Surfer, doesn't mean we can't use other "cosmic" based heroes; such as Nova or Mar-Vell to fill in.

I think this scene would be an awesome teaser for both Avengers 3 and [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113)! What do you guys think?


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