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Brace yourself for the weirdest real life horror EVER! This week a nurse in Croatia has been arrested for possession of jars and jars of human penises.

The 52-year-old man, now appropriately nicknamed the "Penis Collector," was arrested after police entered his apartment to find the members soaking in formaldehyde.

What. The. Hell.

Not real penises
Not real penises

Apparently the man was working as a nurse in a local hospital and police believe some of his weird collection came from the bodies of dead patients. Conflicting reports describe the guy as both a 'family man' but possibly also an alcoholic. Yep, seems like classic drunken dad behaviour to me.

The man is currently awaiting sentencing for charges of disturbing the deceased, a crime which carries a maximum sentence of up to just two years in jail.

What drives someone to start a collection of dicks?! All I know is that some people have some pretty weird and wonderful collections, as these guys prove...


More Penises!

Icelandic man Sigurdur Hjartarson collected 143 penises from 41 mammals and then did what any sane person with a penis collection would do - start a museum! Since then the collection has grown and yes, for anyone wondering, in 2011 the museum collected its first human penis from a 95-year-old Icelandic man. Though never content with what they have, the museum still continues to search for "a younger and a bigger and better one." Good luck?


Shrunken Heads

Bill Jamieson collected and sold many tribal artifacts, including nine Egyptian mummies! His huge personal collection included more than 12 shrunken heads and multiple human skulls. Jamieson died in 2011, but collected strange objects until the very end, having purchased the head of St Vitalis (who died in 1370) just hours before a fatal heart attack. Maybe he was cursed- I mean who just buys the head of a saint?


Belly button lint

Bizarre collector, Graham Barker, has been collecting his naval fluff since 1984. The collection began when he pulled some fuzz out of his belly button and wondered how much it would take to stuff a cushion. Yep, that's how they all start! The collection now spans over three jars and it probably smells like the most ungodly thing you can imagine.



What collection do you think is the weirdest?


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