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A black trash bag was recently discovered in Manchester, UK, containing the heads of at least four cats, the local council has confirmed.

James Robinson, 34, described the moment he stumbled across the hair-raising find while walking down a side street. He said:

I was going out for some food and walking down the side street when I saw a black bin bag filled with something that looked suspicious. When I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes. There were about five cats' heads in there. I can't get over the shock of it.


A spokesman for the council commented:

This is obviously an incredibly distressing and sickening incident which we are now looking into.

He added that the area, known as the "Curry Mile", is home to a host of Indian restaurants, but said the council is not connecting the incident with any local business. In fact, the spokesman said the incident could have been "racially motivated".

  The side street on which the incident took place.
The side street on which the incident took place.

How the council could possibly say that it was racially motivated, when they don't know how the cats heads ended up there, or even why they were killed, I don't know. Furthermore, why would anybody with racial motives dump the heads sealed up with general trash, with minimal risk of it being found?

That said, the alternative is almost too grim to even consider - and I hate to put this out there - but, perhaps it was only heads found, because the bodies were utilized in an extremely...disturbing way.

Cat curry, anyone?

But, would it really make sense for the owners of local restaurants to waste time hunting and capturing local cats and risk permanent closure and prosecution, just to get some free meat?

Maybe the kitties are in a curry, maybe not... I wonder if there's any real difference between chicken, rabbit, cat or dog? Or is it only our cultural sensitivities? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


What do YOU think: racially motivated attack, or are those cats now in a curry?

I can't think of anything more awful in real life... But I LOVE the idea as a horror movie! So, while we sit back and wait to find out what happened to those poor felines, let's consider these ways in which we'd like to see this harrowing horror story develop on the big-screen...

  • The events of the movie happen in the span several days, with detectives trying to solve the "cat case" also finding dog's heads, horses heads, and all sorts of other animals in trash bags around the city. At the end of a feature-length tease (à la Seven), with the detectives being led up the wrong path many times and ending back up at square one, the murder's motives are discovered (religious nut? Neo-liberal protester?) and he's eventually tracked down... But not before he moves on to decapitating humans.


  • A murderous psychopath rapes and kills women and chops them up in little pieces to feed to his squadron of ill-behaved little kitties who are flesh hungry maniacs themselves. This is a story which unfolds over the length of the movie, and we eventually find out that the trash bag full of cats heads is the remains of revenge from one of the emotionally scarred women who got away...


  • The big-bad is a regular-looking cat that pukes up a mean little devil cat that goes on the kill, and when finished climbs back inside the first cat (anyone else seen The Uninvited? Well worth a watch, in my estimation...). The cats heads are the result of people searching for said devil cat, but his whereabouts remains a mystery until right at the end of the movie, where it's hinted that he's still hunting and not going anywhere for the rest of eternity.

It's hard to make a scary cat movie based on the fact that you could probably kick the crap out of them, more than they hurt you... But I'm still freaked. You?

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