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How do you spend your Sunday evenings these days? Well, if you're anything like me you're now tuning into FX to catch Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse's horror drama, The Strain.

If you are like me then you should congratulate yourself, because our combined viewership has earned the alternative vampire show a second season. [The Strain](series:936019) was the first original series to be shown by FX on Sundays - the traditional battleground of the major drama series - and it seems to have done rather well. It is currently the number one series on cable (broadcast and premium) for adults aged 18-49. Furthermore, its season premiere was the most watched premiere in FX history, earning 12.7 million viewers - overshooting FX's own predictions. Ok, so Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are off the air, but this is still rather impressive.

FX CEO, John Landgraf, greatly praised the series and even went on to say he'd have it on the network for as long as Del Toro and Cuse wanted:

We've never had any doubts about The Strain. Working with Guillermo del Toro, Carlton Cuse, and the brilliant cast led by Corey Stoll has been everything we had hoped it would be and more. It is thrilling when you have a show that is a creative and commercial hit, which is a rare accomplishment in this increasingly crowded marketplace. We look forward having it on FX for as long as Carlton, Guillermo and Chuck Hogan need to tell this epic tale.

As far as we know, The Strain is expected to run for five seasons. Del Toro, who directed the pilot and co-wrote the original The Strain books with Chuck Hogan added:

I am thrilled! Another season to spread the virus! Working with Carlton, Chuck and FX has been immensely rewarding and we have such sights to unveil in the upcoming episodes—the blood hits the fan on this one, mankind becomes an endangered species.

Indeed, there are still seven episodes left in this initial season, and if you've been watching The Strain, then you know things are about to quite literally suck for the citizens of New York. If you haven't been watching and want to know what all the fuss is about, you need to do nothing more than cast your eyes below to these rather monstrous R-rated GIFs.

Firstly, there is the rather terrifying and peckish The Master who has no time for fangs.

Although his table manners leave something to be desired.

But at least the vampires know sharing is caring.

Want a closer look at those 'feeding tubes'?

But why are these guys so angry? Well it might be because their cock and balls fell off in the toilet...

Yeah, these vampires aren't exactly your standard Ian Somerhalder/Robert Pattinson types. These are more the evil, Nazi, face-half-fallen-off type:


What do you think of The Strain?



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