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Jess O'Kane

It seems Tim Burton has gone well and truly down the rabbit hole with his followup to 2010's Alice in Wonderland.

The sequel, subtitled Through the Looking Glass, sees Mia Wasikowska reprise her role as Alice, Johnny Depp return as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham-Carter back on the throne as the Red Queen.

Slated for release in 2016, filming has begun in Gloucester and at Shepperton Studios, where the original cast are joined by newcomers Rhys Ifans and Sacha Baron Cohen, who plays Time, the villain of the piece.

New photos of filming in process reveal some small clues as to the styling of the film. Wasikowska wears a military style coat in what appears to be a market scene, alongside co-star Ed Speleers of Downton Abbey fame.

There are some hints of the Burton magic, however, with some dandyish headgear and a pretty awesome horse and carriage. Oh, and there's llamas.

Check out the photos below:


Will you be watching Through the Looking Glass?


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