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Japanese artist Nobumichi Asai likes to do things a little less traditionally. Whereas most artists use canvas or at least something inanimate to put their art on, he decides to create art using projection mapping.

In the past he's used this method to apply CGI to cars, docks, buildings and a whole host of other things, but now he's settled on his most challenging canvas yet, the human face. Check it out below:

Asai used Omote, a program with utilizes a combination of real-time face tracking and projection mapping to 'paint over' a model's face with a variety of patterns and pictures in what Slash Gear calls "electronic makeup". The result is, admittedly, kind of creepy, but it also doesn't look too dissimilar from some of the stuff we've seen in sci-fi movies. In fact, I think it's fairly safe to say that's where Asai's inspiration has come from.

I'm not entirely sure what practical purpose this art could be used for, but I'm sure someone out there has a smart idea.


Do you think there's a future use of this technology?

Source: Gizmodo


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