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Good news guys! Because Taylor Swift is desperately trying to make T-Swift the actress happen, she gets to tentatively dip her dainty little toe into these esteemed pages. Aren't we lucky?

The pop starlet shoved a big middle finger up to her country roots with the surprise new video for Shake It Off, and while she might be trying to pull a Beyoncé with the publicity stunt, Swifty doesn't quite match Queen B in the dancing stakes.

See what I mean in the four minute long Gap advert below;

But, the question on everyone's lips is which ex-boyfriend is the latest Swift anthem about?

One of the slippery anonymous sources that Hollywood Life keeps locked in their basement dreaming up rumors for scraps claims that this little number is about all of them. They explained that;

The song is not about a certain ex but more a generalization of all of them mixed into one. This song is a mashup of all of her dating experiences so far and how she’s found her own strength. Her big theme with this album is finding herself outside of a relationship. Everyone knows her as this total boy crazy romantic but she’s been working so hard to be okay on her own, without a guy, and she’s proud of how far she’s come. She feels like no one realizes how much she’s changed. It’s a message to other women but it’s also stuff she wishes she could go back in time and tell herself

I don't really have much to add about this video except for the fact that Swifty's knowing bad dancing has nothing on her genuine efforts at getting down in public.

I rest my case.


Taylor Swift's Shake It Off?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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