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The True Blood seventh season finale premieres on the 24th, and fans of the blood-sucking love triangle that is Sookie Stackhouse's life are still hanging on for a final resolution.

If you haven't seen episode 9 yet, do not read on.

In 'Almost Home', we see the final dramatic plans laid for what will be an intense finale. Eric is cured of Hep V by drinking Sarah's blood, whilst Bill is nearing death, sped on by Sookie's faerie blood.

Sookie begs Eric for help to cure Bill, but Eric is sworn to secrecy about Sarah's medicinal blood. He promises to help her somehow nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Bill has a feverish nightmare of Sookie rocking a baby back and forth. When he approaches, he sees that the bundle is empty and that Sookie has given birth to death.

Sookie learns of the cure and follows Eric to the dungeon of Fangtasia, where Eric tries to convince Pam to let Bill drink Sarah's blood. Although at first reluctant, she is convinced otherwise when Bill bursts in, obviously close to death.

In a climactic scene, Sookie and Eric implore Bill to drink Sarah's blood and cure himself before the Yaguza arrive for Pam. Bill shockingly refuses to drink it so that he will die and Sookie will have a chance of an ordinary life without him.

Right now, fangirls of Eric and Sookie have as much chance of seeing them end up together as Bill devotees.

If Bill does die, let's remember that Eric is also a vampire and living with him would hardly be "normality". Unless your idea of normality is having a 1,000 year-old boyfriend with an aversion to sunlight.

Poor Sookie and her weird lovers.

The finale will certainly hold many surprises, but personally I'm hoping for a radical conclusion in which Sookie goes back to being a waitress and marries a fat trucker.

Now that would be a twist.

Watch the finale promo below:

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Who will Sookie end up with?


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