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In the upcoming modern rom-com What If, Daniel Radcliffe trades his wizard robes for a nice bit of nudity.

(All for the sake of art...)

That may not be surprising, since Radcliffe is known for stripping down without any qualms for some of his other roles, like Equus and Kill Your Darlings. What may make some fans do a double take is the fact that What If is a romantic comedy - something the actor hasn't done before.

In fact, the Harry Potter thesp revealed in a recent interview that he wasn't really looking for this genre, specifically:

I'm always looking for comedy because I love comedy, it's what I've grown up watching mostly. So I was definitely looking for that but romantic comedy was not something... If you'd said, 'Do you want to do a romcom, I'd have been like, 'Ah, maybe. Show me the script.'

For the third time in a year, Daniel has a naked scene - and this time he's stripping off in Lake Ontario, Canada. The actor, who has already exposed his penis on stage, said of the water:

It wasn't warm but it could have been a lot colder. I've been in Canada a few times in September and it gets cold and we had like an amazingly comparatively mild night to do it on. It could have been a lot worse, for sure.
My other nude scenes I've done have always been about losing my virginity or horses. So it was really nice to do a film with a skinny dipping scene with a cute girl. Tough job!

The actor also revealed that he went skinny-dipping in Ireland, recently:

I was on the west coast. It was freezing. I was naked and there was a woman walking along the beach.

I guess the guy just likes to feel the wind beneath his...wings!?

In What If, Radcliffe plays a med-school dropout named Wallace who just can't seem to get his life together like everyone else around him. When he finally decides to take a break from dating he, of course, meets Chantry (Zoe Kazan) who happens to be in a long term relationship. Basically, Radcliffe explores the concept of 'the friendzone' in a feature length flick.

Although we're sure Radcliffe has probably never experienced friendzoning in real life, I'm certainly excited to see how his first rom-com pans out. What about you?


Are you looking forward to Radcliffe's rom-com debut?

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