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I know it's nearly a month since it happened but I thought I would post my San Diego ComicCon story. All this was written while I was there so it's all in past tense.

Before The Con

This is my first ever San Diego ComicCon.

I can't ever remember how many years I have wanted to go to this, missing out on getting tickets often until this year.

I set my alarm early in the morning ( I live in Australia), made sure to have a toilet break, plug in my laptop (so I don't get any last minute messages), and made sure both my dog and cat were nowhere near my laptop (to avoid any unwanted key pressing!).

I, like most people, watched that blue circle go round and round for ages until it stopped and suddenly I was on a purchase page. I don't think I have typed so fast in my life!

Trust me when I say that I had to try very hard not to wake up the house with my fanboy squeals (manly of course!). I managed to score myself Thursday to Sunday including a Preview Night!

Getting back to sleep that night was tough, spent most of it just sitting there with a huge smile on my face!

Just in case I missed out again, I got myself tickets to WonderCon which was my first international ComicCon.

I was only going to do one, I was going to go to SDCC and give WonderCon a miss but then I thought that I've been lucky enough to get tickets to both so why not do both?

WonderCon was an amazing experience! Unlike anything we have had in Australia.

And now, three months later, I'm sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to San Diego.

Be prepared for five days of fanboy squeals!!

Day 1

So I got into San Diego about 2pm and I automatically checked in to my hotel and made my way down to the convention centre.

One of the first things I noticed was the promotional advertisement all over the city. Buses, trains, street signs, signs in hotels and restaurants.

I went inside and got my pass with my SDCC bag and books before making my way down to GodzillaCon.

It wasn't open when I arrived but I got my awesome swag bag before is made my way to the Gaslamp Quarter where the massive promotional work continued.

Walking down there you have people handing out food flyers and vouchers for restaurants and heaps of various SDCC advertisements, deals and promos.

After all that, I made my way back to GodzillaCon. Wow! All that fan art was amazing!

As an Australian, I was very glad to see Sydney destroyed at the hands of Godzilla!

When the doors opened, I spent nearly all of the night running around looking for the exclusives I wanted. The Stan Lee Pop!Vinyl, the Godzilla print, Firefly Leaf on the wind and the Penny Dreadful versions of Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Grey!

I also managed to score the ComicCon covers of TV Guide at the WB booth!

I would have really loved to see the preview screening of Into The Storm but I was way to tired to go :(

Day 2

So I didn't get up early to start my ComicCon today but still managed to get myself there about 11:30/12.

All the exclusives that I wanted were picked up the night before so I didn't have to run around which meant that I got the just look around. I did this for a couple of hours before I realised that I was going to miss things so I made my way to the beginning to the room and when up and down every isle.

I attempted to get into the Teen Wolf panel in Ballroom 20 but the line was all the way down the end of the hall, outside and down multiple rows so I decided to give it a miss.

I went to the DC Comics: Batman 75: Legends of the Dark Knight and managed to get myself a seat about five rows from the front. Just to be in the same room as these DC legends was mind blowing!! Something I will not be forgetting anytime soon!

After the panel, I made my way back to the floor and looked around for a bit longer before those exhibit floor closed and then headed back to my hotel.

The Maze Runner tweeted that they were showing an advanced screening of the movie, which I am very interested on seeing but like the Teen Wolf panel, the line was huuuuuuge and couldn't get in! :(

Day 3

At 4AM in the morning, my hotels alarm went off ands they told use to evacuate. After have to make it down five flights of stairs, no one was there. Made it to the front and into the lobby where they told us it was a false alarm!


Well that was it for me, I couldn't get back to sleep. By the time I give up on sleeping, got ready and got the shuttle to ComicCon, I decided to try my luck at the Fox ticketed autograph for Teen Wolf and Bob's Burgers. The line was huuuuge, all the way down near the water.

By the time I made it up there stairs on to the lines near the doors, Teen Wolf has sold out but I stayed in the line for Bob's Burgers. I finally made my way to the front, got asked what ticket I wanted and then got told that Bob's Burgers had all gone!


The Sails Pavilion communication is SHIT! When Teen Wolf and Bones ticket sold out, the rest of us only found out from new travelling down the line but the didn't announce Bob's Burgers until after three people, myself included wanted tickets!!

So I went to try my luck with the ticketed Geoff Johns draw at the DC booth, I just got in line before someone came around and told us that all tickets were gone! ( hear that Sails Pavilion!)

We'll that puts on damper on things!

I made my way to see the Dean Trippe panel, talking about his comic 'Something Terrible' and afterwards went to sit in on DC Comics: Champions of Justice, where some of DC's writers and artists talked about what's coming for some of the characters in the comic book world.

There weren't a lot of other panels that I wanted to see that day, that weren't in Ballroom 20 or Hall H, so I finished looking through all the isles.

Towards the end of the day, The Walking Dead did a signing or appearance T their booth and shiiiiit was it packed. There were guards trying to usher people along but the did barely anything, so I avoided that side of the floor for quiet a while.

It was about 3:30pm when I made it back to my hotel room, I did want to go to the House of Blues to see 'Hollywood Babble On' with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman but I was way too tired to stay up until 11pm when it started, not even counting when it actually finished and I got home.

Day 4

So today I spent the day between generally looking round and the Gaslamp Quarter.

There were a couple of panels that I wanted to check out. One on Marvel, followed by a Batman 75th Anniversary panel in the same room, that would also show the Constantine pilot afterwards.

When I got there, the line was all the way down the hall and outside, so I gave it a miss.

After just generally looking around, I walked past the Funko line and saw that after trying at least 10 times in the last 3 days, they were letting people in the line. Of course though, when I finally got in there, they were sold out of the exclusive I want.

After that I spent the rest of my day walking up and down the Gaslamp District.

Day 5

So today there were no autographs or panels that I wanted to see today so after a sleep in I got to the conventions centre about 11 for the last day of San Diego ComicCon.

I just did another quick walk through of the floor and bought a couple more things and got a few more freebies.

I thought it would be quiet, considering there wasn't much on but I was wrong. It was packed, everyone getting their last minutes purchases in like me!

The same thing happened at WonderCon, you hear rumblings that on Sunday, things will be discounted but from what I saw that only happened at a few stalls.

I don't know if I missed it before of if it was new but there was this awesome Star Wars set up featuring Darth Vader and a couple of Stormtroopers (picture below).

Before I left, I checked out a Batman exhibition across the road at the Hard Rock Cafe that had some really cool Batman art.

So this is it for SDCC but I'll be writing an after the con with the good and bad.

After The Con

So like I said earlier, this was my first ever SDCC and this is way better than anything we have had in Australia.


  • The lines. There seems to be epic lines for everything. Entry into the con, autographs, some booths, and panels. It's lucky this goes for 5 days because it's a lot of waiting around if you choose to do any of the above.
  • With some of the booths and panels on the floor, they would security and/or crowd control there moving people along but the problem I had was that they seemed to be 'moving' the people who were actually trying to walk past and not the people who were stopping to take pictures.
  • The communication in some instances is shit! I waited in line for some autographs, when they sold out they communication towards to the lines were absolute crap! I finally got up to the front, got asked what I was waiting for and then told that it was sold out! NOT HAPPY!


  • The Cosplay is out of this world! Major kudos go to all the cosplayers who braced the heat and still dressed themselves up.
  • I think the thing I loved the most was that the whole of San Diego got behind Comic Con! The advertising was everywhere! On buses, taxis, trains, street signs, resturaunts and hotels. There is barely ANY advertising for Cons in Adelaide so to see San Diego supporting this is awesome!

So even though I didn't get into panels I wanted or to meet the celebrities I wanted, this was still an AMAZING experience! I would most definitely go again... if I'm lucky enough to get tickets!

I would most definitely recommend you go at least once in your life if this sort of stuff interests you!

Pictures can be found on my Twitter and Instagram.


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