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Allanah Faherty

Many celebrities might look like the drink straight from the Fountain of Youth but one day in the future Father Time will catch up with them and when he does we predict they'll look something like this:


Nicolas Cage

It's like sad old man Nicolas Cage finally realized how bad some his movies are.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Those eyes...That's the look of an old man whose seen many things in life, but never an Oscar.


Angelina Jolie

To be honest Angelina Jolie still looks like a fairly classy old dame, maybe one who enjoys a few ciggies, but still not bad.


Ashton Kutcher

Is it just me or does it look like Ashton Kutcher's head got a little squashed? Maybe 80 years of gravity will shrivel him right up.


Justin Bieber

That is a FINE head of hair for an 80-year-old. I have no comment on the rest.



Who do you think aged the best?


Image source: Imgur


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