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For those of you that haven't seen the movie (500) Days of Summer, then you should probably see the movie before reading this. In other words, spoiler alert!

In the movie Tom is heartbroken by Summer when she gets married, he then pursues his dream in becoming an architect, instead of making cards that speak for people. In so doing, he meets a beautiful young lady who happens to be applying for the same job that he is after. They both joke about hoping that neither of them get the job, but eventually Tom decides to ask her out for a cup of coffee for when they were both done with their interviews. Tom later learns that the woman's name is Autumn, which then cuts to the first day of Autumn. That scene alone marks the end of the movie, but the beginning of a new relationship that is opened for the audience's interpretation for what will happen with Tom and Autumn.

That was a perfect ending for that movie. I wouldn't change it at all. But what if they made a sequel to that movie? The continued love story of Tom and Autumn. How would it pan out? Will it end with Tom's seasons change for the better with Autumn or will Autumn change to a bitter cold Summer? I personally would lean towards the first, because Tom deserves a break after dealing with Summer. Not to single anyone out, but don't you think those single guys and gals out there deserve some form of redemption in a relationship?

Here is what I think should happen if they make a sequel for (500) Days of Summer:

Obviously Tom and Autumn will be together and experience the highs and lows for a normal relationship, they will even have awkward situations in meeting up with their exes which will test their(Tom and Autumn) love for one another. There will even be a scene where Tom and Autumn will be talking about baby names(we will get to that later). After a long struggle they will eventually get the ending that they both need, which is getting married to your best friend in the world. The movie would be called either (500) Days of Autumn or (1000) Days of Autumn.

And to add on to that, why not make a third movie that fits with the same theme? At the end of the movie in (x) Days of Autumn, Tom and Autumn will playfully argue about how to design their new apartment, they will get to an extra room in the building and Tom will ask Autumn what they should make that particular room into. Remember when I talked about Tom and Autumn picking baby names? Autumn will then say that this will be a perfect room for Winter. At first Tom won't get it, but then he realizes that Autumn wants to name her first child Winter. Tom then gets excited and it cuts to a gray snowy background with white text that reads (1). Which will open to a third installment and the third movie would be called (9) Months of Winter.

Just so you all know Winter is a name... I Googled it, you can too. And hey, who knows, this might actually make a perfect meme for you Game of Thrones fans. "Winter is coming!"


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