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While this may go over the heads of younger viewers or fans of Stephen King, for those of us who have been around the block a few more times might find this newest Stephen King adaptation a little more chilling.

The story: Again, everything is in this trailer. A seemingly wonderful couple, the envy of all of their friends, celebrates 25 years of wedded bliss. But, in all relationships, there are secrets. Thankfully, most people's secrets are of the mundane variety - an affair with a co-worker, a secret drug habit, a porn addiction...but in [A Good Marriage](movie:955665) the secret is MUCH darker...murder. And not just murder, serial murder.

Taking a bit of a cue from the Bluebeard Fairy Tale, where a curious wife discovers the secret hidden by her mysterious husband - how long can Darcy survive knowing the truth about her charming Prince?

[A Good Marriage](movie:955665) stars Kristen Connolly, Joan Allen and Anthony LaPaglia

Check out the trailer...what do YOU think?

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