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The star of young adult thriller, [Innocence](movie:2152578), Sophie Curtis took some time out from packing for college to chat with me about its upcoming release.

Innocence made the rounds at film festivals in November last year, how does it feel to be doing press for it again before the official theatrical release?

It's exciting, I'm a little bit nervous and scared again, I'm learning slowly and trying to keep it casual and talk as Sophie again. People are asking me some harder questions, like what would I choose for an alternate ending, and I don't know what I would choose...

If you were going to tell people one thing to make them go see [Innocence](movie:2152578), what would it be?

I would say that it's a fun coming of age film, and it takes place in the kind of setting that exaggerates everything that teenagers go through, it puts real emotions and real events that everyone faces in a fun way and lets you think about these more serious topics in an exciting way.

What are the scariest scenes in the film for you?

When Sunday jumped off of the school and smashed her face, and when she was in my nightmare and asked me to comb her hair...that was scary. I didn't get any nightmares or anything, I don't get scared by movies.

Bookclub never looked so good...
Bookclub never looked so good...

It's been quite a bit of time since filming Innocence, tell me about your relationship with Beckett now, how do you identify with her?

I think I identify with her in the sense that when I was filming I had gone through fragments of things that she had gone through, I had felt those feelings that every teenager feels that people don't really understand you and you're not sure that you can trust what ever fibre in your being is telling you to trust or what other people are telling you to trust. What I learned and what Beckett learns in the end is that the only one who can really save you is yourself. I think that when you make movies, you have to give a little part of your soul to the character and at the end all you can really hope for is that when you watch the film that little piece of yourself will come back attached to a little piece of the character. When I watched it this past weekend, I think all the pieces came together. I really learned from this experience, and it made me really happy.

The end of Innocence hints at a sequel - would you play Beckett again?

Yeah I would definitely do a sequel, I had a lot of fun with this one!

What is your favorite horror film?

Bram Stoker's Dracula is one that I really looked to for inspiration for Innocence. I think it's again the idea of the supernatural love story, a normal girl trapped in a hyper-reality. Movies like Dracula and Frankenstein are my favorites, they're the foundation of horror movies, I like their simplicity.

What's the best film you've seen recently?

[Very Good Girls](movie:469752) was really good. It has the same weirdness as Innocence and those are the kind of movies I like.

[Innocence](movie:2152578) will be in theatres on September 5th and also stars a stunningly creepy Kelly Riley ( [Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows](movie:37957)


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