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Blaine Gibson, I've never even met you and you're already a legend in my mind. Why? Our hero Blaine decided to liven up his trip to Disney World and make some Disney princesses' days while he was at it. He went to the store, bought an engagement ring...and proceeded to propose to all the Disney princesses. Okay, maybe not ALL of them, because, I mean, have you counted how many princesses there are?

DISNEY FACT: There are 11 OFFICIAL Disney Princesses - the rest technically don't get that title.

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret: I used to work for Disney World. I had an internship when I was in college, and while I was a cast member in costume, my roommate was Princess Jasmine. And let me tell's hard work being that beautiful and beatific all the time. Behind the perfect make-up and smiles, there's a girl thinking she should have worn more deodorant in the 95 degree heat, wishing she could adjust her wig because it's itching like crazy, or dying for her break so she can eat or grab a quick smoke. Disney cast members, y'all - you don't even KNOW what they go through to make your vacation perfect.

DISNEY FACT: Any Disney characters you see wearing full face-and-body costumes (think Mickey, Chip & Dale, etc.) are referred to as "fur characters." Any Disney characters whose faces are visible are called "face characters."

So Blaine Gibson is my new everyman hero, because he took a typical day at the park for the Disney princesses and turned it into something unique and awesome.

DISNEY FACT: Only women between 5'4"-5'7" are ever considered for the role of Ariel. And she better rock a toned midsection, too.

DISNEY FACT: You can NOT have any visible tattoos to play the role of a Disney prince or princess - not even if you can cover it up with makeup.

DISNEY FACT: Face characters are allowed to talk. Fur characters are not, but they do have a nonverbal distress signal: Crossing their arms in front of their body lets the security personnel (who are always discreetly within their line of sight) they need help.

Even Gaston got in on the action, and while he didn't seem as thrilled with the proposal as the ladies were, he definitely got down with a good pose-off.

DISNEY FACT: The dashing Gaston has the second-tallest height requirement of all the male face characters at 6'0"-6'3" (Dr. Facilier is the tallest at up to 6'6").

But finally, it was the tiniest Disney lady of all that our fun-loving hero settled upon when he chose Tinker Bell to be his boo.

DISNEY FACT: Tink's name is officially spelled "Tinker Bell" - two words - not "Tinkerbell" as we always see written incorrectly.

Said good guy Blaine

I ended up giving the ring to Tink because she was my last princess. She, Rapunzel, and Ariel won my heart.

I guess Cinderella just didn't make the cut?

Altogether now: Awwwwww.

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