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Henry Cavill was spotted on set uncovering his new tweaked Superman suit! Does it look better? See for yourself!

  I do not own this image
I do not own this image

We can tell that Henry Cavill worked out a lot since shooting for Man of Steel; look at those muscles! I'm definitely digging the blue tights. Here is Warner Brothers' official picture for comparison.

  Zack Snyder and co. love filters
Zack Snyder and co. love filters

[Source: ComicBookMovie]

Since I'm here, I will discuss some of my ideas for the solo [Man of Steel](movie:15593) sequel.



  Superman: Unchained #1
Superman: Unchained #1

  • Title explanation: The first movie was called "Man of Steel", just like "The Dark Knight" titling. The next movie is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", so I think they should keep the nickname tradition while making it clear to an average moviegoer who the Man of Tomorrow is.
  • Villain: Parasite. Yes, Superman: Earth One Volume 2 was great! As was Parasite.
  • More flashbacks: Bring Kevin Costner back and have him say wiser lines such as "it's better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it" (also from Supeman: Earth One)
  • MORE CLARK KENT Daily Planet, apartment, public scenes: How does he change his suit? Does he fake his clumsiness? How does Lois help him out? Explore Clark way more than Man of Steel did and Batman v Superman will.
  • Fortress of Solitude: include it!

So there ya have it. Not much, but my next posts will go more in depth with my DC Movie Wishes.

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