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New photos have been leaked from the set of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870), and not just teasers this time. We actually get to see a full head-to-toe shot of Henry Cavill in his Superman costume, albeit with a black robe over the top.

The interesting thing is that there are some differences between this suit and the one that we saw in [Man of Steel](movie:15593), which doesn't entirely make sense, because Superman has nowhere to get a totally new suit. Batman can look completely different, because a) Bruce Wayne has the resources to make as many suits as his heart might desire and b) this Batman is completely new to our screens. Superman, on the other hand, is coming to us from 2013's Man of Steel, so should look the same as he did in that film.

Previous photo comparisons have shown some minor differences; his symbol is a tad further down his chest, his cape sits slightly differently on his shoulders, and the ribbing around his waist shows some changes.

Obviously, the studio is not going to actually use the exact same suit (and we all know that the costume department has a roomful of them in any case), and I'm actually quite happy with some of these changes. It actually bothered me a little that his symbol was basically on the collar of the suit in Man Of Steel, so I'm happy to see that moved to a more appropriate spot. I also feel that these alterations are small enough that they won't be glaringly obvious in the film, which is important for avoiding a new-suit explanation.

This new, better look at the suit shows something else, as well. This is clearly heavily shaded to make Cavill appear even more muscular, which seems a little unnecessary, given the body that he is starting with!

It's an interesting choice, and could mean a couple of things.

In comic book art, it's common for characters to appear much bulkier when fighting than when in their street identities (which makes perfect sense), and also to appear more muscular when winning a battle than when getting their butts kicked. Could this be an attempt by the costuming department to replicate that? I'm a huge fan of effects that mimic the style of comics, and this would be a really great and subtle way to do that.

The other option may have something to do with the dynamic between Superman and an older Batman (confirmed to be in his 40s). We already know that Batman has his mech-suit for at least part of the film, which would suggest that his age is making him rely more and more on technology, rather than brute strength. Making Superman look physically much stronger would really emphasize this difference, which I think will be key in the film.

What do you think of the new suit? Do you prefer it, or do you think the shading is too extreme? Comment and let me know!


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