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If you watched ABC'S documentary 'Assembling A Universe' You know that we got a sneak peak of some concept art of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Of course it was concept art, but it gave us a pretty good idea of what Quick Silver and his Sister Scarlet Witch are going to look like, along with some hulk buster armour, which has given us a pretty big clue that the Hulk plays a big part in this film. The armour itself looks like a modified version of the armour in Iron Man 3, which gives us a clue that Tony's armour may be being rebuilt.

Of course the whole documentary was about how all these films that make up the cinematic Marvel universe were made, with behind the scenes footage, but it gives away alot of the plot.

  Avengers Ultron concept art
Avengers Ultron concept art

In the comics there is a really notable story called World War Hulk which takes place after Planet Hulk, and the Hulk travels back to Earth and beats the shit out of all the super heroes.

Alot of fans thought they would do this follow up story, but not this soon. Do you think that Marvel can fit world war Hulk into [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), with the huge Ultron Threat ? Either way, The Hulk will be Smashing alot more than he did in the first film.

A look at Ultron and his part in the Age Of Ultron story line, well it will mostly follow the Ultron Iniative where Ultron wears Stark's armour. Whether this has any links with the new Hulk Buster Armour or not, Shits gonna go down either way, especially if they have two new super heroes to help. Speaking of which, why are they bringing in Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver so suddenly ? I suppose every sequel needs new faces to keep the audience occupied, but if there is an [The Avengers 3](movie:738027), will these two be playing a part or are they just there for Age Of Ultron. If they are bringing new characters in, will they be pushing any out ? Now that Iron Man 3 is released, that really finishes the Iron Man story, but not his part in Avengers. Robert Downey Jr's last movie will most probably be Avengers 3, thats if his character isn't cut off in Age Of Ultron. So will RDJ be the first to go along with his character or will someone else take over the role of Iron Man ?


So will Scarlet Witch and Quick silver be playing a large part in the story line ?


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