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Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) gets into his car after a day at work and begins driving north toward London. It’s about an hour and a quarter drive. During that drive, which is the entirety of the movie, Locke will have a series of phone conversations that will change his entire life.

Written and directed by Steven Knight, there is only one onscreen actor in Locke – Tom Hardy. The rest of the cast only appear as voices on his car phone. Hardy gives a great performance as Locke, creating a full character just through his interactions on the phone. Not many actors could have held the screen in this kind of scenario.

Locke is not edge-of-your-seat excitement. There’s not a bomb strapped to Locke’s car. He’s just a human being who’s made a decision and that decision is going to change his relationship with everyone he knows. You have to be in the right sort of mood to appreciate it, but I admire Knight’s film. I didn’t love it, but I was glad I saw it.


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