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Rude Jester Productions’ RUN: a Werewolf Short Film is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. This short aims to reinvigorate the werewolf film genre in a heart-stopping way. RUN aims to be a prequel that will lead to the creation of a feature film. Writer/action director/cinematographer Brannigan Carter says: “I wrote RUN on a whim to just try one single shot out...but that turned into something much bigger...we hope [RUN] will redefine intense, raw and terrifying horror for a complacent generation plagued with boring CGI and dumbed-down effects.”

RUN will employ some of the best talent the North Carolina film industry has to offer; Most of the crew have major TV and film production credits such as Eastbound and Down, Sleepy Hollow, Under The Dome, Iron Man 3, The Conjuring & Revolution. Needless to say, RUN is chock full of very experienced film makers.

Uniquely, RUN has two directors at the helm: Brannigan Carter as director of action, and Joseph A. Covas as director of actors. Carter and Covas worked previously together on the feature film Two Eleven, which Covas co-wrote and Carter shot. The film is slated for the film festival circuit in 2015.

RUN chronicles the beginnings of a new breed of werewolf film; one where tradition and myth is thrown out the window and nothing but raw, pure beast remains. Animal Control officers Charles, Garry and Alyssa are called in along with one veterinarian, Maggie, to investigate a recent string of animal attacks in central North Carolina. Upon arriving at the area most concentrated with the incidents, they are told a human has been attacked and injured the night before. The stakes have been raised.

Upon talking with the attack victim herself, Old Lady Hughes, the officers and Maggie learn that what they thought was a rogue mountain lion may just be something far more threatening - and they need to stop it - FAST.

RUN promises to be a heart-stopping thrillride that will take the werewolf genre and grab it by the throat.

Howling for more? You can contribute to the campaign HERE. Keep up with all the updates at the film's Facebook Page.

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