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Coincidently, a couple days after I started my out-of-season Halloween marathon, new rumors about the Halloween franchise started to spread like wild fire through the internet; according to reliable sources, the eleventh installment on the 36 years old franchise changed names, from Halloween 3D to Halloween The Next Chapter. However, it didn't took long to the official Halloween Facebook page/website deny the story, claiming it to be fake news but nonetheless, emphasizing that a new movie is indeed being written. The fact that a new Halloween is actually soon to be released raises some questions about which storyline they will follow. Is it going to be a third installment on Rob Zombie's timeline? Is it going to be a brand new start? Or even a comeback to the original franchise with Laurie Strode and family?

Well... having all ten movies fresh in my mind, I pictured different scenarios for this new entry, considering the franchise Halloween has at least 4 different "universes" within those ten flicks; they are the following:

Original Myers vs. Laurie Strode - This timeline includes Halloween (1978); Halloween II (1981); Halloween H20 (1998) and Halloween Resurrection (2002). In this timeline, Myers main objective is to kill his own sister, Laurie Strode, character immortalized by Jamie Lee Curtis, goal he finally achieves in Resurrection. In this timeline, Myers keeps living on and his last relative still breathing is Laurie's son, John Tate (Josh Hartnett), as seen in H20. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is truly dead after the hospital fire in Part II.

Original Myers vs. Jamie Lloyd - This timeline includes Halloween (1978); Halloween II (1981); Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988); Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989) and Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995). In the first timeline, Laurie lived long enough to raise a son and move on with her life before the return of her brother. In this second one, however, Laurie dies somewhere between parts II and IV, leaving behind a daughter, Jamie Lloyde (Danielle Harris). Jamie grew up not knowing about her killer uncle, but she faces the dark truth when Myers scape again from a mental institution, where he stayed for years after the Hospital fire in part II; Dr. Loomis also survived the explosion, coming back for parts IV, V and VI. This timeline also brings back Tommy (Paul Rudd) the boy Laurie was taking care of when her nightmare started. Part VI is the only film in the franchise trying to explain the evilness of Myers, which is allegedly related to a pagan cult. Jaime also leaves a male son that survives thanks to Tommy.

Rob Zombie's Michael Myers in Halloween 2
Rob Zombie's Michael Myers in Halloween 2

Remake Myers vs Laurie Strode/Angel Myers - This timeline includes Rob Zombie's Remake of Halloween (2007) and its sequel, Halloween 2 - H2 (2009). The most controversial timeline and probably the most hated, especially by old-timers, is Rob Zombie's one. In this version, it's possible to say that Rob Zombie changes the original concept of Michael Myers from Pure Evil to Pure Anger; His version of Myers is way more aggressive and relentless, but at the same time, much more expressive than Carpenter's one, which makes him an easier character to relate with; he's always grunting and overkilling, but he attempts to bring his sister to his side and his reactions towards some characters indicates that he feels a lot of rage, which makes him easier to relate with. This latest timeline doesn't make it clear if Laurie survives after being shot by the police, but we all know that Myers did, the guy is not actually "killable".

Season of the Witch - This timeline includes only Halloween III - Season of the Witch (1982). It's actually hard to consider Season of the Witch a part of the franchise since it doesn't feature any of the characters like Myers or Laurie, in fact, their story is also fictional in that universe, since one of the characters is seen watching the original Halloween movie on TV. This doesn't make Season of the Witch less interesting though, the concept of ancient pagan rites related to Stonehenge is very good, but the very best about it is the scary and unnerving effects caused by those rites and the power of the stone, making their bodies rot from inside out and become a vessel for all sorts of vermin, insects and even snakes.

Particularly, I'd prefer to pick up from where Rob Zombie left, ignoring the ghostly apparitions of Myers' mother, but keeping it an over-the-top stylish bloody and gory slasher flick, maybe turning him a little bit less angry and a little bit more calmly evil like the original though. I wouldn't mind to see something following the other timelines too, including Season of the Witch, but that last one is just a feverish dream since no one gives a damn about that movie.

Now I want to hear from you, Michael Myers fans, which timeline would you like to see in the upcoming movie? Or do you prefer to see a reboot?


Which Timeline do you prefer for the next Halloween?


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