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The summer is winding down and the chill in the air is growing colder. This is definitely getting me thinking all about Halloween and the Fall frights to come. It's my favorite time of year. Any excuse to dress up and be able to escape myself for a night is a perfect reason to relive childhood days and pretend to be your favorite characters. I'm already wracking my brain about what my costume will be this year. I thought a great way to get all of our creative juices going while we relived some fun horror moments was to see how some of our favorite serial killers got into costume themselves. The art of the makeup and their gory prosthetics are the reason night-terrors happen. Piece by piece the creepy art of practical movie effects does it's job because the characters never become less terrifying!

Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger, the inescapable nightmare played by Robert Englund was always the fuel for hellfire in my dreams. Nothing gets worse than a bad guy you can't beat or escape. He's terrifying looking with a twisted sense of humor that would make Satan blush. His voice could send chills down anyone's spine with his demented chuckle and raspy sarcasm.

Michael Myers

The serious slasher without words was always the eeriest presence for me. Originally played by Tony Moran as Michael at age 23, Nick Castle (the man in the above photos) was "The Shape", which was the embodiment and stunts of Meyers. Since that sturdy massively frightening silhouette was what shook me in my booties, I decided to use him. You feared Michael so much because he was fearless, and confident. He didn't have to try hard to get to you, he knew he'd get his chance and that was terrifying.


Linda Blair played tormented lil' Regan, a young girl who becomes possessed by a supernatural demon who scared the shit out of your reality in The Exorcist, but the more extreme stunts and makeup for the film were actually worn and acted by Eileen Dietz (also the face of Pazuzu), who is pictured above. I remember being eleven years old when I first saw the film. My older brother was watching me for the evening when it popped onto television. He wanted to watch it and I wanted to be a pesky little sister. Now I'm forever scarred by the head spinning, bile spitting, hair splitting scene that devastated my bedtime for weeks and ever since I've had to invest in night-lights.


Bolaji Badejo was the 7' 2" foot Nigerian who brought Ridley Scott's Alien to life. With an intimidating stature there was no escaping the horrifying sight of the Xenomorph. Every young lad wanting to be an astronaut immediately rethought their path in life as soon as Badejo slinked out of the darkness and onto the screen. The heavy breathing, goo-secreting other worldly creature left everyone petrified for the crew of Nostromo.


Pinhead, the king of the Cenobites was the king of all of my horror as a kid. There was no way to keep your cool in his cold presence. The deep calm rumble in his voice was designed by the devil himself to instill cold sweat on your brow and roller-coaster drops in your heart. Or he is the devil himself. I haven't quite ruled that option out. All I do know is that Doug Bradley knew exactly how to keep me up for hours after I turned the television set off.

Jason Voorhees

With a face only a mother could love that is tear-inducing to all others, it's no wonder he turned out to be a damaged madman. Jason is the humungous tough-guy with a sensitive heart that sent him on a path of destruction and terror. Yes, yes, Mrs. Voorhees may have been the original maniac driven to murder by her love for her son, but that didn't stop the apple falling really, really close to the tree. Jason tore through innocent high schoolers like ripped up love notes you didn't want your teacher to see. Wait, innocent? Weren't they all having sex, drinking and doing party drugs? Gee, Jason is one grim PSA.

Now that I am successfully in the mood to go trick or treating and hide behind blankets all the while clasping to them like safety devices while watching one of these big baddies wreak havoc on some poor unsuspecting soul, it's time to pick out my favorite horror flick.

I know there are many more icons out there, but these few scared me most. Soooo....


Which of these iconic characters scared you most?


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