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Note, if you don't want to know anything about the upcoming Sinister Six movie, thar be SPOILERS below. Anywho:

Remember that banner teasing The Sinister Six that Sony released recently?

Yup. That one.
Yup. That one.

The one that's just clear enough to cruelly hint at who we'll see in the forthcoming movie, but not so much so that we can work it out definitively?

Well, worry no more, Spider-fans - The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb is on the case. As in, he's been giving out information on the identity of the 'Six like it's Christmas.

And it's good news.

This is all thanks to the diligent geeker of Youtube user Spiderman2o29, because of whom we've now been able to catch a glimpse of the bonus Disc you'd receive if you pre-ordered The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at Target. On which disc (towards the end of the clip below) Marc Webb totally reveals two of the Sinister Six:

That's right, we're talking Mysterio, and (because that spear must surely be his) Kraven the Hunter. Two of Spider-Man's coolest villains (sorry Beetle...).

I mean, just look at 'em:


The original Mysterio (there have been a couple of imitators since) was a special effects expert named Quentin Beck who decided to put his illusion-based skills to criminal use - which inevitably drew him into conflict with Spider-Man. Over the years Beck used both technology and hypnosis to both seek his fortune and cause endless problems for Spider-Man - including several plots involving his Aunt May. The bottom line though? A master of illusions would look awesome on the big screen - and provide some variety from the usual punch-first villains we tend to see.

Kraven the Hunter:

Kraven, on the other hand, is very much a 'punchy' villain, but in just about the most interesting way possible. The son of a Russian aristocrat, Sergei Kravinoff fled the Russian Revolution in 1917, which - this being a comic-book, after all - led to him becoming one of the finest big game hunters alive.

After taking a mystical serum that granted him super-strength and rapidly reduced the aging process, 'Kraven' preferred to take down dangerous prey with his bare hands. Eventually, he decided to take down Spider-Man - a quarry he was never able to bring down. Until, that is, he buried Spidey alive, took over his identity, and then took his own life. Arguably his most interesting feature? He still adheres to a code - leading him to always pursue his game fairly.

What Do They Mean For the Sinister Six?

Well, intriguingly, the pair were both original members of the Sinister Six, all the way back in 1964 when they were first formed. Which might not mean much - but since the other original members - Sandman, Dr Octopus and Electro - have all already appeared in the Spider-Man films at one point or another, and Vulture was very much teased (alongside Doc Ock) in an Amazing Spider-Man 2 easter-egg, it could indicate the direction the creative team are heading in.

Pictured, a Vulture (and an Octopus).
Pictured, a Vulture (and an Octopus).

If we were to see the 'original' Sinister Six line up against Spidey, then elements of the original storyline, in which Dr Octopus forms the team, could well find themselves incorporated into the final film - especially as Alfred Molina recently revealed he'd be happy to reprise the role of Doc Ock.

Which, seeing as that story saw them bicker over who most deserved to defeat Spider-Man, and ultimately ended up with them each fighting him individually, and being defeated hilariously easily...actually sounds like exactly the sort of thing Hollywood loves.

The only problem?

That means no Green Goblin...

Or Rhino...

Or Venom...

Or Carnage...

(Plus, of course, that same video reveals that all of the villains teased on that banner are subject to change - which seeing as Avi Arad's involved in the production, should probably always be taken as a given. There's merchandising to consider, remember?)

So, the big question, then, is this...

Who do you want to see in the [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) when they hit the some point?


Your Ideal Sinister Six?



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