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Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram has been flooded the last two weeks with an onslaught of ALS ice bucket challenge videos. There have been so many that it's reaching the point of over saturation for a lot people. Some have condemned the craze as stupid and frivolous, but for the ALS Association this is one internet phenomenon that has made a world of difference.

Just check out this emotional video from Anthony Carbajal, a young ALS sufferer who is so thankful for what the ice bucket challenge is doing for ALS awareness.

Just knowing that this campaign is lifting the spirits of people like Anthony who are suffering with this horrible disease makes me feel pretty proud of what everyone is doing right now.

And to the haters: so far The ALS Association has received an amazing $53.3 million in donations from over 1.1 million donors. Google trends also shows a ridiculous amount of people googling 'ALS' to educate themselves about the disease.

The ice bucket challenge is working guys, embrace it.


Source: io9


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