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Seven years after Harry Potter ended, J.K. Rowling has finally written more!

Only pretty hardcore Potter fans will know the name of singing witch Celestina Warbeck - but now Rowling has given us a whole new story!

Check out my Celestina swot sheet below to become an instant expert on the newest star in the Potterverse!

Celestina Warbeck takes on Diagon Alley
Celestina Warbeck takes on Diagon Alley

Birthday: 18th August, which also happens to be the day Rowling unveiled Celestina to the world

Wand: Larch and phoenix feather, 10 1/2 inches long, flexible

House: J.K Rowling's soft spot for Gryffindor doesn't seem to have faded because Celestina also hails from the house for the brave at heart.

Parentage: Wizard Father, Muggle mother

Trivia: When she isn't belting out a mighty tune, Celestina spends her time breeding rough-coated Crups (a wizarding dog similar to the Muggle Jack Russell). Her vocal chords are so mighty that Celestina also has the power to drown out an entire chorus of banshees.

Along with her vital statistics, the Welsh-born Celestina also taught us a snippet more about the wizarding world we adore...

1. Gossip rags aren't just for measly Muggles...

There's even a gossip column in the Daily Prophet!
There's even a gossip column in the Daily Prophet!

Although she is best known for her vampy voice, Celestina has also entertained the wizarding world with her scandalous personal life. Rowling explains:

Celestina's personal life has provided much fodder for the gossip column of the Daily Prophet. An early marriage to a backing dancer lasted only a year; Celestina then married her manager, with whom she had one son, only to leave him for the composer Irving Warble ten years later.

2. ...And neither are ticket touts!

Rowling explains that Celestina's popularity has not only caused a "nasty three-broom pile up over Liverpool", but it has also inspired unscrupulous reselling:

Tickets to Celestina’s concerts often appear on the black market with inflated prices.

3. Pushy parents can pay off!

Celestina owes her success to her pushy Muggle mother who wouldn't take no for an answer.

When Mrs Warbeck learnt, to her horror, that their was no such thing as a wizarding stage school, she reluctantly allowed her daughter to enroll at Hogwarts.

After Celestina had safely been assigned a placement, Mrs Warbeck;

Bombarded the school with letters urging the creation of a choir, theater club and dancing class to showcase her daughters talents

4. Fevered forty-something fandom

Molly Weasley loves Celestina Warbeck
Molly Weasley loves Celestina Warbeck

She's not for kids! This grandstanding vocalist is the darling of the mature audience: Molly Weasley is an enormous fan.

4. Celestina isn't as new as you think...

Does Celestina remind you of anyone?
Does Celestina remind you of anyone?

Sure, we might just be getting to know her, but Celestina was heavily influenced by Dame Shirley Bassey who has been belting out classics since the mid 50s... The 77-year-old vocalist also happens to be Welsh.

Something tells me Rowling's a fan!

5. The Singing Sorceress' music exists in our world too...

Hardcore Potter fans making the pilgrimage to Diagon Alley can watch Celestina Warbeck in action performing classics such as 'You Stole My Cauldron"

6... And it's kind of saucy...

Celestina said WHAT?!
Celestina said WHAT?!

No wonder the Fifty Shades generation love Celestina with her slightly risqué lyrics! A sample includes;

Oh, come and stir my cauldron
And if you do it right
I’ll boil you up some hot, strong love
To keep you warm tonight

Probably the dirtiest thing that I've ever read in the Potterverse (my colleague's fan fiction aside!)

7. ...But Celestina has a heart of gold...

The diamante encrusted diva is known to perform for charitable causes such as St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries.

8. ...And she loves a good ol' fashioned knees up!

When the Ministy of Magic tried to restrict Halloween celebrations, the fun loving Celestina gave them a right public tongue lashing!

Pottermore members can read J.K. Rowling's full Celestina Warbeck bio HERE...


Are you impressed with Celestina Warbeck?

(Source: Pottermore and The Independent)


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