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Some people are scared of heights, some people aren't. Then there're some people, like British free-runner and film stuntman James Kingston, who laugh in the face of heights and make it their life's ambition to seek them out and do stupid - but admittedly impressive - stuff with them. He's basically a real-life Spider-Man.

Most recently, Kingston headed to Bangalore, India. He took in the culture, tried the local cuisine, and oh yeah, hung one handed off the city's tallest crane. Check him out terrifying his mother below:

Sure, this is an impressive feat worthy of the likes of Peter Parker, but James isn't the only one to possess superpowers in the real world. Check out five more examples of super-humans below:

The Human Calculator

How many of the multiplication tables do you know off by heart? Think you're clever because you can answer 7 x 13 instantly? Well, India's Shakuntala Devi knows her 7,686,369,774,870 times table off by heart. In 1982 the Guinness Book of records challenged her to solve a multiplication of two 13 digit numbers - 7,686,369,774,870 x 2,465,099,745,779. She provided the answer - 947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in just under 28 seconds. I can't even check if that's right because my calculator doesn't go that high...


In 1972, the University of Stuttgart stated one of their students, Veronica Seider, had an eye-sight 20 times better than average. It was claimed she could identity people and objects up to 1.6 miles away! I can imagine it came in handy in her profession as a dentist, but I bet it was more useful for avoiding people she didn't want to talk to on the streets.

The Human Anvil

John Ferrero, who also goes by the name The Human Anvil or the even better sounding, Hammer Head, is a former professional wrestler who now passes his time by using his head for DIY purposes. He'll quite happily use his head to hammer in nails or let you smash breeze blocks on it with sledgehammer.

I don't think this is what his teachers had in mind when they told him to "use his head".

Here he is breaking a world record below:

Sulbin - The Real Life Aquaman

Now Sulbin, a Bajua fisherman, can't talk to fish like the real Aquaman - and if he could he'd probably just threaten them with imminent death - but he can hold his breath for an almost super-human length... while 20 meters under water. Sulbin is able to effortless sink down, walk on the seabed and then speargun his prey all in one breath. He can go as long as five minutes, but as this video explains, he can get the job done in three.

Louis Cyr - The Human Forklift

Now, Louis Cyr wouldn't have used this moniker since forklifts weren't around in late 19th century. As we all know, back then all heavy industrial lifting was conducted by leotard wearing strongmen with mustaches. Cyr might have been the strongest ever, and, as well as other feats, was able to lift a 215-pound barbell with one hand, lift 18 people (18!) on his back and withstand two horses trying to pull his arms apart.

Source: ShockMansion


Which real-life superman do you find most impressive?


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