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Despite dating for just 3 weeks, Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are sticking together like exceptionally photogenic glue. The Vampire Diaries hunk is currently sharing his Atlanta home with Reed so they can stay close as he films season 6.

According to US Weekly, friends of the vampiric couple aren't surprised by their almost instant closeness. Ian and Nikki have been good friends for years and according to the insider;

There was always an attraction, so it was easy to slip into dating

The report went on to claim that Reed has been visiting her new beau on [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) set everyday and that she's been happily nesting in Ian's Atlanta home.

Reports that Nikki is sauntering down to TVD set on the regular imply that Nina Dobrev is totally cool with the romance between her ex-boyfriend and close friend, Twilight alum Nikki.

While Ian and Nina were still together, the pair had a close friendship with Nikki Reed and her ex-husband, former American Idol finalist, Paul McDonald.

Reed and Dobrev regularly shared snaps of each other on their respective Instagrams and they even starred in a PSA together to support Obama care back in April.

Whereas the tangled web of relationships has potential to complicate things for Ian and his new beau, maybe Nikki and Nina's closeness has been a bonus in this difficult situation.

It makes me uncomfortable that Reed is being painted as a disloyal friend to Dobrev by many sources when it's just as likely she has Nina's blessing. Reed's visits to TVD set seem to confirm that everything is peachy with the trio until we hear otherwise.


Do you think Nikki and Nina are still friends?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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