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It's been a while since we've been able to associate Katie Holmes with anything but her mega-creep ex Tom Cruise and her insanely well-dressed offspring (seriously - Suri is rocking the toddler years).

But now, after years of floundering in some panned supporting roles and a disastrous Broadway debut in Arthur Miller's All My Sons, Holmes is back to prove that she can be a badass when she wants to be.

Enter Miss Meadows, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this year. Holmes stars as the titular elementary school teacher Miss Meadows, who wears cutesy dresses and spins everywhere because walking is for losers.

The twist? Miss Meadows moonlights as a vigilante, dispatching with anyone she deems to be 'bad people', of which it seems there are many.

Although billed as a black comedy, the bizarre tactic of the trailer is to spin Miss Meadows as a drama, complete with creepy close ups of children, gun shots and more threatening voice overs than you can shake a stick at.

Perhaps they thought turning Mary Poppins into John Rambo would be more profitable. She signs off her kills with "toodle-oo", for one thing.

Either way, it's pretty much the same plot line as Keeping Mum, except Maggie Smith could do it much, much better.

Miss Meadows is released November 14. Check out the trailer below.

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