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Ghostbusters 3 may well still be a horrifyingly long way away - but that's no reason to despair.

Why not, you cry - tear-stained printouts of Max Landis' proposed plot lying all around you?

Well, because there's still hope.

I mean, sure,you could just re-watch the original movies, and the animated series, and the other, not quite as good, animated series, and then weep silently into your Bill Murray body pillow (it's OK, we all have one).

Or, you could watch a brand new, shiny, all-guns-blazing LEGO brick-film based on the series.

With cameos so awesome, you might not believe them:

Yup, that's right.

We're talking straight up, down low, all around Homer freakin' Simpson.

As Slimer.

As creator MonsieurCaron put it:

"This is an homage to the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie made with everyones favorite toy... LEGO bricks. With the LEGO Ideas set 21108 that came out this year, I had to do a brickfilm to make the Ecto-1 shine again.
Otherwise known as "that thing you're now ordering"
Otherwise known as "that thing you're now ordering"
"Or course, I had to put a lot of ghosts into it, so I added some famous movie "ghosts" as well as a new one. There is no LEGO "Slimer", so I found someone else (who [eats] a lot) to fill in."

So, who are we talking with the other cameos?

(Note, various SPOILERS below:)

Well, to this writer, they look a lot like:

LEGO Star Wars' Force Ghosts:

The LEGO Movie's Ghost Vitruvius:

The Lord of the Rings' Ghost Army:


Something Else Entirely.

Thoughts about the identity of that last cameo-ing ghost, gang?

Either way, until [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733)[Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) finally makes its way to the screen, this may have to do. So let's enjoy it!


What do you guys think? Best cameo?

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