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The latest entry to the world penned by Masamune Shirow in 1985 has arrived, and the Appleseed Alpha trailer for the is a computer-animated military sci-fi cyberpunk flick, gives us a good look at the "reboot that will depict the early days of Deunan and Briareos in search of the legendary city of Olympus."

Check this out and see what you think:

I do have to question Deunan's choice of attire on the battlefield, but other than that, I'm sold on the gritty, realistic visuals alone. And yes, the film will have Skrillex, so it looks as though Appleseed Alpha will follow 2004's Appleseed as a tour de force of electro sounds.


Liking the look of Appleseed Alpha so far?

(Source: YouTube)


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