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The Vampire Academy fandom is back and they are more ready than ever for their second movie. But there's a catch attached to the second movie. $1.5 million of the budget has to be crowd funded or the movie doesn't happen.

If you have no idea what Vampire Academy is I suggest you go and do a quick Google search because it would be a lot easier than me trying to explain it to you here.

We've seen before that crowd funding does work. Two notable campaigns were the Veronica Mars movie campaign and the Morganville Vampires campaign. Both of these projects were successfully funded. Now the producers of the Vampire Academy films are taking a crack at it. $100,000 was raised in the first 24 hours and all was looking well. But two weeks later and we haven't even hit $200,000. We need many more people to donate. So what's stopping you? I've written a small list of the reasons people have said why they haven't donated and I hope to change your mind.

1. "I have no money." Okay, fair enough if you truly cannot spare any money to donate that is okay. But most people should be able to spare $1, every contribution helps.

2. "The first movie sucked." Well they are vampires... But seriously, Preger has hired a new screenwriter. Piers Ashworth wrote the script to the newer St. Trinians movies and from the snippets of the Frostbite script we've been given, he seems to stay very true to the book. (Visit the Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook page to see them). Also the first book was all about world building, the second is where the action really starts.

3. "Vampire Academy? That's just another high school vampire movie." No it's not. The first installment seems very much like a high school drama, because guess what?! The characters are in high school, it's what they're gonna do. Once again, the second installment is where the action kicks in and the high school drama fades out. Vampire Academy, despite it's name also tackles many issues concerning today's society such as friendship, relationships, self harm, bullying, eating disorders and many more.

4. "I don't want to waste my money." If the IndieGoGo campaign in not fully funded you get your money back anyway.

If there are any more reasons, talk about it with a member of the VAFamily (the fans of Vampire Academy). To compliment the list above, here is a list of some of the reasons why Frostbite should get a chance to be made into a film:

1. We start leaving high school drama and world building behind and see what this world is really like.

2. Adrian Ivashkov.

3. Vampire Academy passes the Bechdel test, shouldn't we all be supporting something that supports female empowerment then?

4. Rose Hathaway and Lissa Dragomir are strong and inspiring characters.

5. Eddie Castile, who we didn't get in the first movie.

6. Janine Hathaway, Rose's kickass mother.

7. We leave the school and go skiing.

8. Adrian Ivashkov.

There are so many more reasons why you should be supporting this movie adaption. Please donate what ever you can to this campaign and I must say there are some pretty cool donation perks you can get.

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