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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Some stories are so weird - so messed up and sickening - that no movie could capture their true horror.

There's something particularly sick and terrifying - and just plain WEIRD - about Cannibals, but sadly the stories keep popping up, all over the world.

Check out 5 of the weirdest, most vile Cannibals on the planet...they could NEVER make a horror movie scary enough...

Man Stabbed, Decapitated and Eaten on Bus

Vince Li: a totally insane cannibal.
Vince Li: a totally insane cannibal.

Who: Vince Weiguang Li

When: 2008

Where: Manitoba, Canada

What?: Li was on a Greyhound bus in Canada when he stabbed Tim McLean so many times his head came off. He ate his eyes, ears, tongue and nose, waving body parts at other terrified passengers.

WHY?!: In his own words, a 'voice told me that I...was like the second coming of Jesus [and that] I was to save people from a space alien attack.'


The Deformed Vampire Pedophile Cannibal

Who: Tsutomu Miyazaki

When: 1988-9

Where: Tokyo, Japan

What?: Miyazaki, who was born with his misshapen hands fused to his wrists, killed four girls under 7, drinking their blood and eating flesh after performing sexual acts on their dead bodies.

WHY?!: There was outrage over Miyazaki's obsession with Otaku comics, but there was too much insanity in this man to be explained away. He was hanged in 2008.


The Cannibal Cult Family of Child Abusers

Who: Klara Mauerova, 31 and two other women

When: 2008

Where: Brno, Czech Republic

What?: Klara chained her young sons, Jakub, 10, and Ondrej, 8, caged and restrained. As well as being sexually abused and tortured, the boys were made to cut off their own skin and eat it.

WHY?!: Klara and her family were part of the Grail Movement, a cult with members worldwide, and were driven by a misguided religious madness.


'Black Jesus' and His Cannibal Rape Cult

Who: Stephen Tari, 40, a cult leader

When: 2013

Where: Papua New Guinea

What?: Tari, the leader of a 6,000 strong cult, was convicted of raping and murdering several young girls. He would reportedly slit their throats and drink their blood in front of their mothers.

WHY?!: Tari was mad with power after declaring himself the resurrected 'Black Jesus', committing 'blood sacrifices' as part of his own deranged idea of religion.


Pills Filled With Powdered Baby Flesh

One of the baby flesh pills, made in China.
One of the baby flesh pills, made in China.

When: 2012

Where: China

What?: South Korean customs officials found a grisly shipment at the border: thousands of pills filled with powdered baby flesh. Investigators discovered they had been made from ground-up aborted and still-born fetuses at a Chinese clinic.

WHY?!: The baby flesh pills were sold as 'miracle cures' for a whole range of ailments. It's pretty scary that an operation like this exists - surely people like this would also stoop to harvesting live children?


Truly SHOCKING. Well done to the law enforcement agents who bring depraved cannibal killers like these to justice.

Were you shocked by these terrible stories of inhuman sickness?


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