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Nicholas Staniforth

Well, there’s something you probably didn’t expect to read about today. Hyde Park Entertainment and WWE Studios are apparently backing a new comedy that stars The Hangover’s Ken Jeong as a man on a mission to kill David Hasselhoff in some mad celebrity death pool. Because, why the hell not?

Currently stamped as Untitled Celebrity Death Pool (rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?), the film will see Jeong as a struggling night club owner that is running into trouble with ruthless loan sharks. To make ends meet and keep himself alive, he gets tooled up by getting involved in the aforementioned death pool and going after the Baywatch star. Cue Jeong frantically chasing The Hoff across a beach in slow-motion and hilarity most definitely ensuing.

Thankfully, Hasslehoff has given the thumbs up on the story and is even down for playing a comical version of himself in the film. Along for the laughs and life-risking is Hulk Hogan, whose role is unconfirmed but could hopefully be playing himself as another celeb on the hit list. It’s a funny picture to paint already but no doubt director, Darren Grant will have a job on his hands trying to control the inevitable chaos whenever it’ll happen. Keep an eye out for any further details and pray for the safety off The Hoff when you can, or if you want to. Your choice, really.


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