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To say it has been a long, rough road for Marvel's Ant-Man flick is somewhat of an understatement. The script was penned as far back as 2003. Rights moved from Artisan Entertainment to Marvel in 2006. The project was put on-hold in 2008 by director Edgar Wright, so he could direct Scott Pilgrim VS The World and The World's End. Then, earlier this year, Edgar Wright left the project, due to creative differences.

Other directors, such as Adam McKay, Ruben Fleischer and Rawson Thurber, were approached, but all ended up passing on the troubled project. Marvel scrambled to find a director and finally, Peyton Reed agreed to take the helm. However, not many fans were happy with this choice, the majority looking forward to former director Edgar Wright's take on the classic character.

Still, despite all the delays, Marvel's Ant-Man has finally moved into the production phase, as is evident by a tweet director Peyton Reed posted at 8:06 AM Monday morning...

And so, with those words, it appears as though the long in-development Ant-Man film is about to make some headway on its long and troubled road. Rejoice, Marvel fans! You're one step closer to seeing the pint-sized hero take to the silver screen!

And that's a good thing, whether or not it's Edgar Wright in the director's chair or not.

Update: New cast member's have been announced for Ant-Man, via The Hollywood Reporter, namely T.I., Bobby Cannavale (Boardwalk Empire), Judy Greer (Jurassic World) and John Slattery (Mad Men). A good sign, given the few actors who walked off the project a few weeks back.

Look for Ant-Man to hit theaters July 17th, 2015.

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