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Before I say anything, just... just watch it...

Has your heart stopped racing yet? Mine sure hasn't!

Last time we saw our favorite group of zombie survivors, Rick and part of the gang had been captured by the super sketch people of Terminus and locked up. If you didn't know this already, fans have been constantly speculating as to the sinister motives behind the capture of the group. The most popular theory seems to be that the people of Terminus are the dreaded cannibals from the original comic book series.

Yet, despite what fans speculate, "we don't know what's coming next."

HOWEVER, the bloody operation, the man screaming bloody murder, and Daryl "The Badass" Dixon's worried face definitely strongly supports this sickening theory.

Oh dear...
Oh dear...

When commenting on the season premiere, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in the show, said that "the first episode is the strongest, most complete episode that [they've]'s full of action, the biggest action sequence that [they've] ever attempted."

An even bigger action sequence than the siege of the prison?! WOW!

I'll always love you Hershel D': <3
I'll always love you Hershel D': <3

Fans can look forward to rejoining the group at Terminus on October 12th.

Let us know what you think our favorite team of zombie apocalypse survivors will be up against this season by commenting below!


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