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The folks at [As Above/So Below](movie:1284983) were kind enough to make me my own Missing Persons poster for their new media discovery campaign for the upcoming film.

My poster!
My poster!

Now YOU can check out Legendary & Universal Pictures' new Facebook Connect experience, "Personal Hell" - a super fun personalized initiative that inserts users directly into the film's narrative by pulling in photos and other information from their profiles in order to customize their journey into the Parisian Catacombs with a team of fellow explorers from the film. Coupling a slew of haunting footage and sounds, this one is best experienced with the headphones turned up LOUD.

Click the link below, and explore your own Personal Hell:


Users are invited to join the team of friends as they explore the Catacombs. In this first-person narrative, users come face-to-face with the inner demons of each character in a frightening digital experience that highlights sound and haunting footage to tell the story of the Catacombs’ secrets. Users then discover their own lives imprinted on the walls of the caves, coming across graffiti with their names scrawled on the walls and foreboding messages addressing them by name. They then stumble upon an eerie album containing their personal photos along with eerie messages.

Hit the link, and tell me what you think!

Poster Red by RichWainwrightDesign
Poster Red by RichWainwrightDesign

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