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Celebrities are usually the defining symbol of beauty and chiseled jawlines, but what happens when you combine two seemingly good looking celebrities into one and jumble up all of their facial features?! Turns out... Some pretty creepy attributes form the face and it's an eye-sore!

Jackie Chan & Channing Tatum

That is not the face I want to see when Magic Mike is on stage! Combining the karate legend and Hollywood's biggest hunk makes up for a not-so leading man!

Carson Daily & Al Roker

While the combination of both moderators might make for one extremely talented host, they definitely do not having the makings of a total babe.

Heath Ledger & Carrie Underwood

Both entertainers are sincerely hot blonde bombshells, but mish-mash their faces together and you've got a grenade ready to bomb.

Pharrell Williams & Will Ferrell

The notorious funny-man and smooth musician may be known respectively for their charming ways, I have got to be honest and say that this face's charm is completely lost on me. Killer smile though, got'ta say.

Morgan Freeman & Macklemore

Okay, now this is just silly. The combination of these great voices adds screams to my nightmares. This looks like Morgan Freeman gone hipster. Even those mighty high cheekbones can't save you, MackleFree.

I have to stop writing this. I can't take it anymore. This is the stuff nightmares are made of. This could make anyone need therapy... Yikes.


Who was the creepiest?!


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