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In a turn of events that surprises no one: Hugh Jackman is really, really strong. The actor showed off a part of his workout for his upcoming film, [Pan](movie:1173941), where he is set to portray the dread pirate Blackbeard. Despite a short break from playing Wolverine (which we'll see him return to in [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) and the next installment of the Wolverine series) Jackman has shown that the workout never stops. That's dedication! 400 lbs of dedication.

Workout aside, it's somewhat refreshing to see Jackman moving away once more from his usual Wolverine-ready looks and, one can assume, taking on the role of the evildoer. Blackbeard was one of the meanest, most brutal pirates of all time, and seeing Jackman in the role of Vicious Swashbuckler sounds like a fun ride to me.


Pan is due for release in July of 2015.


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