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Chris Pratt, continuing to out-awesome everyone in Hollywood this summer, has done it again! It seems like every time he appears on my computer screen, it's with news that he has done something else proving that he is just the most incredibly fun and caring guy, and today was no exception.

Remember this interview? Where he talked about actually stealing his Star-Lord costume just in case the movie was a hit, and he could take it to cheer up kids in hospital?

Well, it wasn't just hot air to let him get away with thieving from Disney. He actually went and did that and more.

He didn't just go and smile and wave, he actually set up a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy with Marvel and Children's Miracle Network Hospital so that the kids (and staff and families) who were unable to go check out the summer blockbuster would still have a chance to see it.

On top of that, he came bearing gifts in the form of toys from the movie, and then hung out with them for hours signing autographs, taking pictures and generally having fun. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he stuck around because he was actually just enjoying himself so much - doesn't he seem like a big kid a lot of the time? (In the best possible way, of course.)

Then, just in case he wasn't awesome enough, he also stopped by to hang out with Dylan "Lego Kid" Prunty, known for his love of Lego and his Make A Wish Foundation Lego replica of the hospital. You can only imagine how thrilling this would be, because if you didn't already know, Pratt was the voice of hero Emmet in the film. He also brought Lego Movie toys to the hospital to give out, because he just can't do enough giving, apparently.

No, Chris Pratt, everything isn't always awesome, but you certainly are! You can read some more about why Pratt is absolutely, unequivocally the MAN here, and be sure to also check out his hilariously wonderful ALS Icebucket Challenge here.

Other stars take note: looks like the studio won't be complaining about you taking a prop or three if you publicly use it to go all Robin Hood.


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