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I (like many of you) can be considered pathetically broke I must pick and choose very carefully which movies I see in theaters and which I see at home. I have also gotten exceedingly good at avoiding spoilers for films or TV shows I haven't seen yet. So when Amazing Spider-Man 2 recently came out on video I had the chance to enjoy it from the relative budget-friendly confines of my living room.

Having been an avid comic-book collector/reader from my early childhood to present I have a vast knowledge of comic book history. So it came as no shock to me to witness the events as they unfolded in the film, since they are among the greatest and most pivotal moments in spider mans comic history. For those of you have not yet seen the film, I offer a spoiler alert since the rest of this article pertains to a certain specific event in the film.

Spider-man in the film is conflicted over whether or not he should heed the final words of Gwen Stacy's father and not pursue a relationship with Gwen. At the end of Amazing Spider-man part 1 Captain Stacy dies during Spider-man's climactic battle with the Lizard. Captain Stacy expresses his deep concern for Gwen's safety should Peter continue to be involved with her. Given Peter's dangerous lifestyle and the resultant danger to those he loves, Captain Stacy's words hit home with Peter, but he vacillates between giving up his love and letting her go. Near the end of ASM-2 we see Peter finally giving in to the weakness of his heart and committing to a relationship with Gwen. Moments after this happens the final battle between Spidey and Electro takes place putting Gwen right in the middle of the conflict since her character plays a pivotal role in finally taking Electro out. Of course this isnt the end since the Green Goblin arrives seconds later to carry out his vengeance on Spidey. Seeing Spidey and Gen together he puts 2 and 2 together and realizes Spidey is actually Peter Parker, thus sealing Gwen's fate as she is then put into a deadly situation and Spidey is unable to prevent her demise.

My question to all of you is did Spidey make the right choice? In my life, I have personally had to choose between a love that I cherished and letting that love go because it wasn't good for the other person. I chose to let the girl go, and have never regretted that decision. Spider-man's choice to me is selfish, and lacks maturity. Before you all get bent out of shape, I am fully aware that at this point in his life Peter is barely out of high-school and therefore a certain amount of immaturity is to be expected. I'm simply interested in what others thought of Peter's choice since I felt it was wrong.


Is it ok to sacrifice the safety/well-being of a loved one because you love them too much to let them go?


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