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Yet another teaser for upcoming FOX show Gotham has been released, this time a special for the UK, where the show will be airing on Channel 5 this autumn. The new trailer combines a lot of the footage that we have already seen, but with some new glimpses and a slightly different focus.

So far, reaction to the upcoming show has been mixed, with many fans unhappy about the focus on villains much older than Bruce Wayne as well as the lack of focus on Wayne himself.

This new trailer, in my opinion, does a wonderful job of portraying the project as a crime drama, rather than a "Batman show" and because of that, I actually feel that it is the best trailer so far.

Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner Gordon

The clip is introduced by the star of the show, Ben McKenzie, who is playing Jim Gordon. Having him introduce the clip goes a long way to emphasize that this is a show about the cops, and the story of Gordon, not Batman.

Like the pilot, the trailer begins with the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, and this is the most that we have seen of the scene so far. It's pretty classic (how many ways can you have his parents shot in an alley, after all?) but unlike many previous movies that simply show his loss and then cut to Wayne as an adult, the clip focuses on the police reaction. The cops are talking to each other about the scene, Bruce is wrapped in a blanket on the fire escape, there are sirens and yellow tape and a generally more CSI-feel about the whole thing.

This different treatment of the Wayne's murder is hugely important - all about the police and the process, and the murder is used to introduce Gordon as the new cop in town. It draws the focus from Bruce, and onto Gordon, mimicking the format of the show itself.

Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner Gordon

Then we leave Wayne behind for almost the entire remaining trailer to see Gordon arguing with Bullock, and a series of shorter clips revealing his struggle with the current state of the corrupt police force and organized crime in Gotham city. The focus is on him, the mob and Fish Mooney, and the classic villain that we really see the most of is Cobblepot. This is unsurprising, given that he is Mooney's lackey, and I assume that he may be the character we see the most of.

We get some great shots of Mooney and Cobblepot kicking the snot out of someone, and some even better shots of Cobblepot with a gloriously creepy grin on his face while doing it. We also get a little hint of the kind of bullying that drove him to his villainous ways, when he spits out "I don't like to be called that" when a fellow criminal addresses him as "Penguin". (I'll admit, I also loved hearing the name out loud - I am so excited by the villains getting the spotlight!)

Another first for this footage is that we finally get to see Ivy Pepper! The change of her name from Pamela Isley has got many fans confused (and some quite upset), but I believe that it was done for a reason, and we just have to wait to see what that reason is. A favorite possibility of mine is that they will actually be changing her name within the season, perhaps as part of a witness protection program, or a decision on her part to let go of the past.

Gathering speed for the last few moments, we see a little bit of Selena Kyle and a few more shots of Bruce Wayne, including this one where he is standing on top of his mansion looking vaguely jump-y. Kyle appears at that moment, and was watching when his parents were killed, which makes me think that maybe they will connect when she saves his life?

Finally, we get a short montage of fighting/shooting/running scenes, again mostly focused on Gordon or the crimelords.

I particularly love the tagline "Before there was Batman, there was Gotham". I feel that this trailer was made to intentionally stress the focus of the show as cops and criminals, about the city instead of the Batman.

Personally, I'm excited about a series that hinges on the crimes and the state of the city instead of the caped crusader, and I think that this trailer goes a long way to proving how awesome that could be.

What do you think? Comment and let me know!


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