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Note: Although I have seen the pilot, I have attempted to write this as though I haven't in order to avoid spoilers. For those people who have avoided seeing the pilot ahead of time, please refrain from spoilers in the comments. Thank you.

Despite the leaked pilot, the CW marketing machine continues according to plan with this new trailer for the upcoming TV series. Called "In A Flash" the trailer is made up of some of the best clips from the pilot, and it looks amazing!

We start with a view of the accident that put Barry Allen in a coma, but from the perspective of the city rather as well as the man himself. The lines over the top are key "Mr Allen, we have a lot to discuss."

Of course, this could be a few different things, but because he was pretty much just a science guy prior to the accident, it wouldn't make a lot of sense for this vaguely ominous voice to be referring to anything else. Barry is out of his coma, and he is changed, and someone wants to talk to him about it....who?

Seems to be this guy, who is seen talking to Barry about determining the full range of his abilities. You can see a StarLabs truck in the background of the shot, which may be a hint as to who he is. We also see Barry strapped into a helmet, and an assistant behind them. As a scientist, it would make sense for Barry to try and test his new abilities in the most controlled way possible, and this time, he has someone helping him. It's interesting to see the choice to reveal himself right off the bat, as the usual new-powers stories have the hero hiding the changes as much as possible.

We also get some great shots of the special effects used to show his speed, which are surprisingly difficult to screenshot (sorry)! They look absolutely incredible though, and I think that it will work so well in the show. Deciding how to convey his incredible speeds must have been difficult, and I feel that the classic whizzing sound and blur is nowhere near as fun to watch as this crackling red-gold trail. It also stays much more true to the way he is drawn in the books, and I am stoked that they found a way to bring that to life.

There are only three characters shown in the whole thing, leaving lots yet to see, and the focus of this short trailer is as much to impress as to inform. (Which it does.) Despite the unfortunate choice of the line "run, Barry, run" (Thanks, Jenny) it looks fantastic, and should go far to whet viewers appetites.

[The Flash](movie:15273) airs October 7th on CW.


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