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Yeah…I just watched Louie season 4… I’ve now watched four seasons of Louie and you know what? It’s shit. Look you’re not going to read it anywhere else but it is fucking shit, possibly one of the worst comedies on TV.

What annoys me about this show is that I keep reading from pretentious people that this show is amazing and so funny and it’s super-duper and should win every award under the sun! Are you kidding me though? I mean I wouldn’t even describe Louie as a funny show and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because I’d be embarrassed because it’s quite frankly shit. The thing that I hate about Louie is that it isn’t funny, I can watch an episode and if I haven’t fallen asleep there is a good chance I’ve just watched 30 minutes of a comedy without even smiling once.

Here’s the thing about Louie and it really bothers me because it gets a lot of acclaim and it doesn’t really deserve it as just because something is filmed in an art house manner doesn’t mean that you have to like it, and the problem is that it seems that mainstream reviewers are scared to criticise this show because if they do it’s because they ‘just don’t get it’ or ‘aren’t intelligent enough to understand’, you know the typical condescending put downs you hear way to often from people who think they are god’s gift to intellectual conversation.

I make it sound like I hate the show and you know what I don’t really, I look back at my past reviews and I think to myself ‘yeah those are the exact same things which I feel about this season too.’ Things like Louie, Louie’s kids, Pamela and there can be standout episode amongst the mediocrity (although this season had less than the previous ones [Louie in puberty for instance was… hmmm… I’ll leave it at that]), the problem is that this is a comedy and it isn’t funny, to the extent that if you classify this as a thirty minute drama series I all of a sudden think it is better than it is when you classify it as a thirty minute comedy series.

That’s the thing Louie is essentially a drama but is classified a comedy despite it not being particularly funny at all and that is why it irks me. I could sit and watch something like King of Queens and laugh much more at that despite the fact that it is much lower brow than Louie. Maybe that says something about me, and I’m sure the snobs and toffs out there will be sitting back swigging their Scotch and har har haring but if I sit down to watch a comedy I want to be entertained with laughter, not with thought provoking stories about Eastern Europeans fucking a weird ginger guy despite the fact they can’t communicate with each other. For those of you who take the opinion that ‘Louie’s outgrown comedy and it is more than that now’ that’s fair enough if that were the case but it’s still being nominated for Emmy’s in the comedy section and is still at heart supposed to be a comedy, and it is a very poor one at that.

So there you have it, Louie is a piss poor excuse for a comedy and should really stop being made (the viewing figures agree with me by the way), however I see that it has been renewed for a fifth season (incredibly) and I’m sure once again I will read that this is comedy genius and this man is the ginger Jesus and whatnot. Feel free to leave a comment explaining to me why this is the best thing on TV or vice versa, I’ll happily discuss either.

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