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So I wanted to do something that isn't done very often on this site. I wanted to encourage an open discussion between people who actually like the shows about Arrow, Flash, and the rest of the DC TV shows that may or may not come eventually. So, without further ado, here is a small list of potential topics I have compiled for your viewing pleasure.

1.) Guest starring heroes

This can include heroes already slated for appearances, as well has those you'd like to see on a DC TV property, such as Blue Beetle, Cyborg, or Batman.

2.) Ollicity versus Barrylicity

I'm gonna level with ya. I ship Ollicity. And I totally made up the Barrylicity thing on the fly. Not sure if someone else came to that conclusion before me or not, but if you did, cheers.

3.) Individual characters' growth throughout the past two seasons of Arrow

This one really doesn't need much explaining.


Really, seriously, can we talk about this for a moment?

So there you have it. A list of potential topics for you guys to discuss amongst yourselves. ENJOY!


Do you like the open discussion idea, and should I post more like this in the future?


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