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Elleinah McCairn

The phrase “Twister on Crack” doesn’t even cover it. For a “found footage” movie, the video is surprisingly stable for the most part, though there are some pretty hairy moments which, considering the subject matter, are readily understandable.

The story – a sleepy Midwestern town going about its ordinary day in the lives of ordinary people as they remember the past and look towards the future as the high school senior class graduates suddenly finds themselves caught in the middle of a cluster super storm harboring a tornado swarm, and in the midst of the chaos rides a storm chaser crew trying to get the footage of a lifetime.

For some moviegoers, the raw nature of the filming and acting might seem “sub par” for a theatrical release,; but what you have to take into account is that while it is a work of fiction, it is meant to look and feel like a raw documentary, much like the storm chasers and open sea fishing shows you see on the Discovery channel. When real ordinary people are caught in a life-or-death situation, you’re not going to hear dialogue any more witty than people shouting simple phrases to each other and “Oh My God!”

In its essence, ‘Into the Storm’ is literally about ordinary people living ordinary lives who get thrust into extraordinary circumstances as they fight to survive nature’s wrath. And in regards to nature’s fury, clustering storms that converge into a massive super storm? Yes, it happens. Multiple tornado vortices in a single storm front? Oh yes, it does indeed happen in real life. A genuine fire twister? Absolutely, there was an F2-F3 fire twister that wreaked havoc in Australia during a wildfire outbreak in 2003. Tornadoes at least a mile wide? We get those tearing up the Midwest regularly. Tornadoes with 300+mph wind speed? The highest recorded tornado wind speed was 318mph, the top end limit of an F5 twister on the original Fujita scale. All of these things converging at once? Terrifying though the prospect is, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

Some of us ask ourselves, “If I were in that kind of situation, would I be of any help to anyone, or would I just cower and cry in a corner?” The truth is we never know until it happens, yet we hope with all our hearts that it never comes. That, when you get right down to it, is what ‘Into the Storm’ is really about.


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