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As if the excitement wasn't pulsing through your veins already, the Sons of Anarchy Season 7 premiere has previewed and we can confirm that, yes, it's awesome.

After six years of drama, blood and some hardcore leathers, the show comes to an end with six episodes of loose end-tying the only way Kurt Sutter knows how. Dark, clever and sometimes painful viewing, it definitely feels like the beginning of the end.

Here's 5 things the premiere reveals about the direction of Season 7 - and some of it may prove surprising.

These are only minor spoilers, but if you don't want to know, look away now.

1) Marilyn Manson. Fo' real.

Manson guest stars as an Aryan gang banger who Jax attempts to woo into an alliance - and goes to gory lengths to impress. Manson's collection of Nazi memorabilia must have come in handy for getting into character.

2) Juice is playing a dangerous game

After his shocking betrayal of Jax and murder of Sheriff Roosevelt, it's no surprise that Juice is on his own. But soon the past comes back to haunt him, when a familiar face realises his secret and threatens to expose him, leading him to take things into his own hands.

3) We see a different side to Gemma

Seeing how she's just murdered someone, you might think Gemma would be basking in the glory of getting her own way. But in fact, we see an unusually contemplative, searching side of Mrs Morrow. She's turning to people for support, being really nice to Wendy, and even 'talking' to Tara.

4) Nero is back in a big way

We heart Nero, the only fairly sane one of the bunch. Thankfully, he features heavily in the premiere, desperately trying to keep peace between the Sons and the Mayans. But things are going to get hairy when Jax and Gemma take action against the rival gang who "killed" Tara.

5) Jax is in for the kill

It's no surprise that Jax is out for vengeance, and his pain is fuelled by Gemma's lies. Her framing of a rival gang for Tara's murder leads to some of the most violent scenes we've seen yet from Jax, which is saying something.

Add to this his desire to cement his authority in Charming and forge alliances with rival gangs, and you've got a whole lot of Teller brooding to pack into six episodes.

Sons of Anarchy Season 7 premieres September 9.

Not had your Sons fix? Watch a compilation of all the teaser trailers below:

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What would really blow your mind in Season 7?


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