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The 1970s were, in many ways, a simpler time. Sure, there was widespread distrust in government, the Vietnam War, Watergate and the rise of Disco, but still, simpler. Sort of.

That's unless you were Remo Williams, of course. The pulp hero - and star of the series of pulp novels The Destroyer - was constantly having to battle cyborgs, villainous A.I.'s, vampires, goddesses, psychics and weretigers, as well as the more prosaic mobsters and assassins. Oh, and Rasputin, that one time.

Safe to say, the books were never dull.

Which bodes pretty well for Shane Black - seeing as the Iron Man 3 director has signed on to direct an adaptation of the series for Sony's Columbia Pictures - almost thirty years after the first attempt back in 1985:

It...wasn't great...
It...wasn't great...

There's no word yet on what direction the film will head in - the source material would allow for both old fashioned action and straight up sci-fi - but Columbia's president of production Michael De Luca seems confident either way:

“The Destroyer is a two-fisted classic and deserves no less than the genius of Shane Black...We couldn’t be more excited about his vision for this character.”

Which is good to hear - especially since Black's 2005 effort Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, one of the finest action comedies of recent years, seems a perfect preparation for the adaptation.

Now, is it too much to hope that Robert Downey Jr can be tempted onboard to take on the role of Remo Williams?

[The Destroyer](movie:2213885) is yet to actually enter pre-production, or to receive a release date.


What do you guys think? Excited for The Destroyer?

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