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Things are reportedly already hotting up between Hollywood's newest odd couple, and Chris Martin knows JLaw well enough to know that booze is the way to this fun loving starlets heart.

E! News is calming that Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed a 'super romantic' date last week in New York involving sunsets, wine tasting and hopefully some tipsy JLaw realness!

The pair were spotted at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard just a few days before Jennifer's 24th birthday on August 15.

According to a sneaker insider source (who knew fancy wine buffs sold stories to the press too!) the newly formed love birds;

Were there on a date. They were very low-key, nobody realised who they were. The setting was super-romantic.They watched the sun go down together, then quietly left

While the 24-year-old Oscar winner and the 37-year-old divorcee might be an odd coupling, apparently Martin's ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow is all for it. A friend close to the couple spilled that;

Her take is, ''Hey, he could do worse.'' She just wants him to be happy


Is this relationship for real?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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