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Now that the On the Run tour is almost over, Beyoncé is reportedly consulting amicable divorce expert Gwneth Paltrow about how she should give Jay-Z the heave ho and still retain the fickle public's adoration.

There have been reports of trouble in the Bey Hive for months now, and instead of spending all her time staging loved up photo opportunities with her hubbie on Instagram, now Beyoncé is hunting for her own solo pad and preparing for the tsunami of bumble Bey tears that will be soon be flooding in her general direction.

Instead of consulting a divorce expert, Beyoncé is reportedly seeking advice from the high priestess of concious uncoupling, her BFF Gwyneth Paltrow.

According to US Weekly;

The “Crazy in Love” singer has sought Gwyneth Paltrow’s advice as she plans her split. Multiple sources tell Us that Queen Bey and Jay will separate in the fall, after completing their On The Run tour dates. Blue Ivy’s mom is planning for the breakup to echo the Goop founder’s amicable “conscious uncoupling” from Chris Martin. The day after the announcement, Bey and Jay will be spotted together. The two will be all lovey-dovey

One things for sure, there is no way in hell Bey-Z will be outdone by Gwynnie, so the divorce announcement of the century is totes coming our way. I see another tour and some decorative bone china on the horizon...

After all, nobody outdoes Beyoncé and stays out of the chockey, just look at what happened when poor Solange had her moment at the Met Gala...


Accepting divorce advice from Gwyneth Paltrow?

(Source: US Weekly)


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